Real-World Evidence for Decisions in Diabetes

Work Package

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WP1RWEMATCHEDCOHORTRCTEntire cohortexposedto the interventionEntire cohort who is appropriate for the intervention DevelopmethodsWP4&5Virtualtrial 3Virtualtrial 1Virtualtrial 2123DATAAvailability (discoverability = Dbs)RequirementsRepresentabilityQualityStandards(evidentiary)WP2 (inc input from others)Understanding data needs (product life cycle) and standards (methodological)REGULATORSHTAWP3AuthorisationMonitorperformance on the marketProductdevelopmentOUTCOMES & DISSEMINATIONData sharing cultureEfficient use of RWE and AI in decisionsCommunicate advances inbig data/AIWP6&7