Real-World Evidence for Decisions in Diabetes

Medical University of Graz (MUG) – Graz, Austria

Medical University of Graz (MUG) is the second largest Medical University of Austria. The adjacent university hospital provides tertiary care services for the south-east of Austria. The Division of Endocrinology and Diabetology at the Department of Internal Medicine offers extensive outpatient services and a 21-bed inpatient ward for patients with diabetes, obesity and endocrine disease. Research interests of the Division focus on areas such as diabetes technology, hypoglycaemia, real world data and new pharmaceutical approaches for the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

The Diabetes Technology Research Unit headed by Julia Mader has vast experience in the performance of clinical phase I-IV trials in the field of diabetes technology. The Medical University of Graz has long-standing experience in participation and coordination of EU-funded projects. The Department of Research Management and Knowledge Transfer has extensive experience in project management and financial planning/accounting for EU-funded projects. The department has experience as project coordinator for international multinational projects.

Role within REDDIE

In REDDIE, MUG is the Coordinator and leads both WP1 (“Project Management and Scientific Coordination”) and WP6 (“Engage with regulators, payers, industry and other stakeholders on outcomes to facilitate supplement clinical trials data with RWD and synthetic data”). It woll provide a clear organizational framework, guidance and support all partners to enable a smooth workflow and ensure that objectives and milestones will be met on time. It will also collate and report outcomes from WP2-WP5 to enable key regulatory agencies, HTA bodies, industry and other stakeholders to accept RWD and synthetic data as relevant adjunct to data from clinical trials.

Main contacts

Photo of Julia Mader
Julia Mader

Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Deputy Head of Diabetes Outpatient Clinic

Photo of Monika Cigler
Monika Cigler

Postdoctoral Fellow